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5 Years of Experience

Created to be the best!

Created to be the best!​


GORGET is a leading Albanian company specializing in the production of medical napkins and chemical laboratory products. With a focus on high-quality raw materials and technological innovation, GORGET aims to become a regional leader in the medical industry.


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We aim for the minimum possible impact on the environment during the entire life of the product, also minimizing the effect of production on land at the same time. Production that protects the environment, for us guarantees the future of the company and the world we live in.

GORGET company creates a reliable network of collaborators that offer a range of ecological products that respect the environment and always offer safe comfort.
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GORGET COMPANY, is a longstanding provider of quality products that meet or exceed regulatory requirements with respect to consumer product safety. Gorget, has set up a Quality Management System, to document the conformity, in accordance with the requirements arising from the needs for continuous improvement of the standard to the latest version of ISO 9001/2015.