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Who We Are


GORGET comes to you as the first national company in Albania, specialized in production of medical napkins and chimical laboratory products to meet the needs in the field of medicine. GORGET was founded in 2021, with the vision to become a leader company in the region at medical napkin and diversity of chimical products. In this year just started a story based on basis value that combine the best quality of raw materials with important technological investments to maximize customer needs.

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Our mission is dedicated to protect people in both dental and medical environments with the highest quality of service and products.


Our vision is to become company leader on medical and chimical needs. We want to be excellent Made in Albana, a model to be proud of.


Our products are synonymous of quality. This quality originates from the research for the best raw materials suppliers, provided by reliable suppliers, certificated internationally. We use only 100 % virgin pure cellulose rolls from forests that are treated respecting their growth rate and sustainably managed. After goes on with perfect line of production based on machinery with high-quality, continous after with a safe logistic system for maximize the satifaction and consolided trust of our customer.


Innovation of the processes and technologies

The good quality machine is a key issue. Without a good quality of the machine, how we can get the best fold, best shape, best match and best cut? The final napkin poduct is both dedicated a good quality machine and the good quality of raw materials. With one complet set of napkin production line we can produce good quality of medical napkin with a good performance of the machine. The machine realizes lamination, embossing, folding till the final product comes with high degree of automatic. Innovation is our present and our future. We are focused also to invest in research and development, to expand the range of products and continuous renewal of the product line to adapt to customers needs.


In Gorget company, human resources are a valuable asset. A staff of professionals combined with passion and important value such as correctness, responsibility and integrity dedicated to our partners, to maximizing their satisfaction with all the professionalism. In Gorget Company, you are not a client. You are our Valued Partner. Comitted to invest in continuous training and professional development programms in order to improve the working conditions of our people and to reduce the use of natural resources. Also we invest in safer machines and training programms to prevent injuries, checking compliance with the rules of internal control.