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Abrasive sandblasting material is Aluminium Oxide with high strength material, with a strong ability to resist chemical and thermic conditions.

It finds application in dental laboratories sandblaster, which operate with air compressor and integrated necessary gloves for hand protection. It is especially used to change the condition of a metal’s surface, such as the removal of heavy oxide layers and casting marks.

Characteristics and Features:

*Extremely pure

*Low dispersion of grain sizes

*Highly abrasive

*Removal of heavy oxide layers and debris

*Creates retention for ceramics

Types of  Abrasive Sandblasting:

□50µm □90µm □110µm □125µm □150µm □250µm.

We are able to provide particular size, chemical requirements and packaging according to costumer needs.

Packing bottle of: □1 kg □2 kg □5 kg □10 kg □25 kg


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