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Sodium Hypochlorite 2.5-5%


Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with the formula NaOCl.  It is used in dentistry to irrigate the root canals. It is a cold disinfectant. It can be founded in different concentrations.

Free chlorine is a strong oxidant. It effectively cleans and eliminates any cellular debris in the fluid pathway that may interfere with the machine operation. In ideal properties our product is germicidal, non-irritating, nontoxic, removes smear layer, is easy to apply and has a low surface tension.



Sodium hypochlorite does the irrigation of root canals. Role of the intracanal irrigant that we can mention:

  • Loosen dentinal shavings and microorganisms.
  • Flush out the debris.
  • Dissolve organic tissues.
  • Antimicrobial action.
  • Lubricant.

Warning and Precautions:

Sodium hypochlorite can be irritating to tissues. It also has bad odor, can damage clothes, etc. It is corrosive to instruments. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Should be used only by professionals.



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